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French Coin Value & Details

Last Updated: March 23, 2024


As most of us know, investing in precious metals allows people to diversify their investment portfolios. Gold coins provide a hedge against inflation and are not devalued like the dollar during economic crises. In this review, we will give you all the facts about the franc, including its design, value, and collectibility.

french franc

History of the Monnaie de Paris Mint

France produces the most beautiful gold and silver coins. This government-owned institution mints coins in France and was founded in 864 AD.

In 1973, France moved its mint to Pessac and replaced the old one. The facility in Paris is still operational but stands as a museum today.

France standardized its currency system after the French Revolution of 1795. Throughout the rest of the 19th century, they continued to mint francs and silver centimes.

Although collectors around the world collect gold French coins for exchange, the 1860 franc remains the most popular. This franc was struck with the bust of Napoleon III with a wreath about his head.

Attention Americans 50 and Over:

Euro Coins Replaced the Franc

Since adopting euro coins in 2002, countries like France have begun minting silver commemorative euro currency. Many collectors are happy with these euro designs.

After World War I, France stopped producing gold and silver. The country replaced these metals with cheaper materials, including nickel, bronze, and aluminum.

Because the old coins are made of gold and silver, they are valuable and praised for their performance on the market. Although people prefer collecting silver and gold coins from the Paris Mint of yesteryear, you will find many euros still being collected.

Characteristics and Design of the 50 Franc Silver Hercules Coin

One of the most popular francs from the French is the 50 franc silver Hercules coin. This coin was minted between 1974 and 1979. Many people have tried to get their hands on this rare franc to add to their gold coinage collections.

These French gold coins have a face denomination of 50 francs and are made of 90% silver. They were once legal tender in the country. French francs are more valuable if they have never been spent.

The Design of French Gold Coins

The obverse features a detailed wreath with the coin's denomination front and center. The coin says, “Republique Francaise” and features the date it was struck.

The reverse of the silver French franc features the phrase “Liberte egalite fraternite,” which means “Liberty Equality Fraternity.” In the center of the coin is the Greek god Hercules with a woman on each side.

Specifications of the 50 Silver Franc

You need to be aware of the specifications so you do not get scammed when purchasing from a service. The following need to be considered:

If the specifications of the coin do not match those above, you are likely being scammed. Protect yourself by being vigilant in your research.

Pricing for French Coins

French gold coins have a high markup, especially those made from gold and silver. You must learn about the value of these coins before you add them to your collection through Paypal.

The face value is the minimum market value of the gold coin, whether it is a Spanish, Italian, Russian, or French franc. When you order, the price you pay will be based on the current market price.

Gold and silver French francs retail for around $362. We have found some listed for higher or lower.

Carefully reason when you consider purchasing to avoid scams. Once you know the going rate for these coins, you can add them to your cart with confidence.

Can You Invest in French Coins for Your IRA Account?

When it comes to IRAs, the IRS determines which money is eligible. The IRS stipulates coins must be .999 pure. Unfortunately, this sign rule knocks out the French franc because they were struck with .900 silver.

If you want to purchase coins for your IRA, consider gold coins with a higher purity level, such as the gold Buffalo. Talk with an expert to learn tips that will help you purchase coins to add to your IRA account and diversify your portfolio to guard against Stock Market Exchange crashes.

These experts can also help you open an IRA account so you can send your gold and silver to a depository.

French Coins Review: FAQ

Noble Gold offers a range of services to help people invest in coins. Before you invest in physical gold, you need to learn about the services offered by Noble so you can pursue those you need.

Coins from all over the world have collectible worth, including French currency. You can exchange these French coins for cash.

France stopped producing silver currency after World War II.

You will find these retail for around $359.

Final Thoughts

Francs are highly collectible money, but they are ineligible for IRAs because of their lack of purity. Feel free to pick these up for your private collection case. Just be careful when you click on a listing to ensure you know what you are purchasing.

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