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Gold American Eagle Coins

Last Updated: April 3, 2024

Out of all the collectible coins in the United States, the Gold American Eagle is the most recognizable. If you have been considering collecting Gold Eagles, this information will help you learn what to look for and what you can expect in the way of value.

american eagle gold coins

The American Gold Eagle Is the Official Coin of the United States

These coins are a reminder to American citizens of the longevity, strength, and courage of the red, white, and blue. Eagle coins and Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins (for Canadian citizens) are iconic and a sensible way to add gold coins to your collection.

Many collectors and numismatists seek these pieces that are struck by the United States Mint. Purchasing brilliant uncirculated coins allows you to diversify your investment portfolio and see a greater return on your investment after retirement.

Attention Americans 50 and Over:

History of the Gold American Eagle Coin

Before we delve deeper into the subject of American Gold Eagle coins, you need to know their history and when they were first struck. These coins were authorized by Congress with the passage of the Gold Coin Bullion Act of 1985.

The program would initially include two different designs, and the first American Eagle Gold coins were available for purchase beginning in 1986. In 2006, the 20th anniversary of the American Gold Eagles, the US Mint produced a new burnished coin that quickly became popular among those who collect gold coins.

Design of American Gold Eagle Coins

The coin has gone through changes in design over the years. The design of these coins arose in 1905 when President Theodore Roosevelt hand-picked Augustus Saint-Gaudens to design Lady Liberty.

The beautiful design of Lady Liberty has been treasured since Saint-Gaudens released it in the US. The full figure, with her flowing hair and robe, has come to stand for freedom in the United States.

In her right hand, she holds a light to light the way. In her left, there is an olive branch signifying peace. This original design was used on the $20 Gold Double Eagle coin released by the United States Mint in 1907. These coins remained in circulation until 1933.

In the original design, the Capitol Building was at her feet. The rays of the sun were at her back. Unfortunately, Saint-Gaudens never saw his design come to fruition because he fell to illness months before the first coin was struck.

In 1912, congress authorized the addition of two stars to Augustus Saint-Gaudens' design to account for the addition of Hawaii and Alaska to the Union.

The reverse design features a family of bald eagles nesting. The mother bald eagle is standing watch over her young. The reverse design was created by Miley Busiek in 1986 and was used exclusively for the Gold Eagle coin.

New American Gold Eagle Coin Design in 2021

To mark the 35th anniversary, the United States Mint released a new reverse design by artist Jennie Norris. This new Gold Eagle design has the following coin features:

  • The male bald eagle is featured with a left profile and incredible feather detail.
  • The bald eagle looks toward the horizon with an unforgettable, piercing gaze.
  • Every detail has been exquisitely captured.
  • The top inscriptions on the newly designed Gold Eagle are: “United States of America,” “E Pluribus Unum,” and “In God We Trust.”
  • The bottom inscriptions feature: “50 Dollars” and “1 oz Fine Gold.”

Specifications of American Gold Eagle Coins

Below, you will find the metal content of the 2022 $50 Gold American Eagle. Knowing these specifications will help you avoid buying fake Gold American Eagle coins. Use this information to learn how to tell if the American Eagle Gold coin is real.

Composition – gold 91.67%, silver 3%

Edge – Balance copper with a reeded edge

Weights – The gold weight varies according to the size

Sizes of American Gold Eagle Coins

At present, there are four sizes of Gold Eagles. By investing in top rated gold coins you will your money wisely and prepare for retirement. When reading Golden Eagle coin reviews, you will find each of these is prized for different reasons.

Weights Are Important

  • The 1 oz. coin has a face value of $50.
  • The 1/2 oz. Gold Eagles have a face value of $25.
  • The 1/4 oz. Gold American Eagle Coins have a face value of $10.
  • The 1/10 oz. American Gold Eagles have a face value of $5.

Each of the gold coins above features the same design, regardless of the face value. The smaller sizes are attractive for investors on a budget, but the one-troy-ounce American Gold Eagle coins are the most popular among collectors and remain legal tender.

Proof Gold Eagles

Many collectors seek proof Gold Eagles because of their high value. These coins are struck at West Point Mint instead of San Francisco or Philadelphia. You will know you have a proof coin if it feature a “W” mint mark. Always look for the mint mark to ensure you have a proof.

Gold proofs feature the same design as their bullion counterpart. The most significant difference between the two is that proofs have a frosted relief design. The frosted areas contrast with the mirrored fields of the Gold American Eagle coins.

Proof coins are highly desired because they go through a much more intricate striking process. The surface is highly polished, and the striking process is carried out multiple times to create sharpness in great detail. Remember that proofs always have the West Point Mint mark, so do not get scammed when purchasing Gold American coins.

Proof coins are made in lower numbers, making them more valuable to collectors. These coins are graded by services such as the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation or Professional Coin Grading Service to guarantee their authenticity.

Each proof coin comes in a special hard plastic case to protect the coin. When searching for a gold bullion coin to collect, you cannot go wrong with proof American Gold Eagles. A proof version gives you more value for your investment.

american gold eagle

Certified American Gold Eagle Coins

When investing in gold coins, certification is essential. The rating system of gold coins involves the use of the term “Mint State,” which is a technical term used by the grading industry. Graded Gold American Eagles are always going to be more valuable than other precious metal coins with no grading.

MS69 & MS70 American Eagle Gold Coins

When purchasing an American Gold Eagle, you will want to look for MS69 coins, which are considered near-perfect, or MS70 coins, which are considered a perfect specimen coin.

MS69 and MS70 coins are more expensive than Gold American Eagle coins that are ungraded. These coins are placed in hard protective cases that are not meant to be opened for the protection of the American Eagle inside.

Burnished Gold American Eagle

In 2006, the official gold bullion coin got a change in design. At this time, the United States Government expanded the program to include beautiful burnished Gold American Eagles.

To begin striking burnished Gold American Eagles, the mint loaded planchets into spinning drums. Previously, this process involved using wet sand to provide the original mint luster to the coin. Today, the mint uses 6mm balls to smooth and create a matte finish that goes in direct opposition to the original mint luster.

This process leaves the burnished Gold Eagle with a slightly frosted look that highlights the olive branch and reverse side in beauty. This process allows for greater detail from the US mint and makes for a greater market price.

All burnished coin set deals feature a “W” to signify it was struck at West Point. The US mint has taken great pride in these legal tender coins, and so have collectors. The minting process makes the value rise exponentially.

The American Eagle Bullion Coinage Program Remains Strong

The United States Congress has authorized the production of other coins besides the Gold Eagle, including the Silver Eagle. Congress has also allowed for the production of palladium and platinum coins as a part of the Bullion Act.

Due to the scarcity of metals like palladium and platinum, these coins are produced in far fewer numbers than silver and gold Eagle coins. Many people are investing in Gold Eagle and Silver Eagle coins that come in rolls of 20 coins. These coins are perfect for IRAs.

Are Eagle Coins a Good Investment?

If you are looking to invest in these coins, reading this American Eagle coin review has surely opened your eyes to the possibilities. Once you realize the 1 oz. Gold American Eagle coin value, you are going to want to jump on board and start your investment strategy.

An American Gold Eagle can help you diversify your investment portfolio, helping you hedge against inflation. Purchasing bullion coins approved by the IRS is one of the best ways to grow your retirement account because these brilliant uncirculated coins add great value.

American Eagle Gold Coin Value by Year

As you read this Golden Eagle coins review, questions about value come to mind. The question arises, “Are American Eagle coins a good investment?” The answer to this question varies by the coin's year and type.

How much is a Golden Eagle coin worth? Keep reading to learn the American Eagle coin price information below.

American Eagle Coin Set Values

  • 1987 – $4,610
  • 1988 – $5,240
  • 1989 – $5,240
  • 1990 – $5,240
  • 1991 – $5,240
  • 1992 – $5,240
  • 1993 – $5,240
  • 1994 – $5,240
  • 1995 – $5,240
  • 1996 – $5,240
  • 1997 – $5,240
  • 1998 – $5,240

Most sets from 1988 to the present hover around $5,200 in value. These bullion coins will continue to rise in value over the years, offering you excellent gains for your investment portfolio.

Make sure you are aware of the mint state of coins before agreeing to the purchase price. The metal content will determine the value, along with the rarity. Check the American Gold Eagle coin price chart above. Also, make sure to read Golden Eagle Coins reviews before getting started.

Now that you know how much is an American Eagle gold coin worth, you can begin to invest with confidence. Whether you invest in the burnished version or the American Double Eagle coin, you can rest assured your gains will increase.

Bullion Gold Eagles Help You Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

Most collectors seek fine gold to diversify their investment portfolios. The gold content in their investments allows people to hedge against fluctuations in the dollar. Purchasing a fine gold American Eagle coin allows you to better prepare for retirement.

The 1 oz. gold American Eagle is the only fine gold specifically approved for IRAs by the IRS. Struck by the United States Mint, these coins are fully backed by the United States government and considered crown gold.

If you are looking to invest in a gold bullion coin, Golden Eagle coins are highly prized and considered legal tender all over the world. Bullion coins are perfect for investing in an IRA.

If you would like to invest in an American Gold Eagle for your IRA, you will need to store your Gold Eagle series in an IRS-approved depository. The IRS has specific rules that must be followed when rolling over an IRA to precious metals products.


The current value of these gold bullion coins ranges from $1,800 to $2,100.  Learn more about rare coin values.

These coins are not pure gold. These graded coin options contain about 97% gold and other precious metals.

The current value of these coins ranges between $160 to $210.

The MMIX on coins is a tribute to the original Double Eagles.

Final Thoughts

If you want to diversify your investment portfolio, gold and other precious metals are highly beneficial. The American Eagle is one of the best investments you can seek. We highly recommend you purchase this investment for your retirement.

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