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St. Gaudens Double Eagle Coin: History, Value, Where to Buy

Last Updated: March 12, 2024

The St. Gaudens Double Eagle Coin is one of the most collectible in the United States. Because of their purity, imaging, and historical value, these are sought by collectors all over the world. If you are considering investing in this beautiful currency, you need to learn about its history, value, and where to buy them.  You may also be interested in our Gold Buffalo Coin review.

value of st gaudens gold coins

Attention Americans 50 and Over:

History of Saint Gaudens Gold Coin

This currency was minted between 1907 to 1933 by the United States Mint. The money is named after its designer, Augustus Saint-Gaudens.

It came about through the desire of President Theodore Roosevelt, who wanted to beautify United States coinage. He felt Saint-Gaudens was the perfect designer.

Although he did an amazing job designing this coin, Saint Gaudens died of illness before he got to see the fruition of his work. The legacy lives on in his beautiful design long after he died.

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The design of the Saint Gaudens gold coin is unforgettable and features the beautiful and iconic Lady Liberty.

Roosevelt wanted a high-relief design much like those featured on ancient Greece coins. The mint only struck 24 pieces of the original design because nine strokes were necessary for a single coin. Charles Barber eventually modified the design.

The second batch only struck 12,000 pieces. Although they were lower in relief, they were still too challenging to strike. When Charles Barber stepped in to modify the design of Sculptor Augustus Saint Gaudens, the coin became easier to strike.

This coin features the beautiful Lady Liberty, striding forward with an olive branch in her hand, a nod to the pursuit of peace. She holds a torch in her other hand, lighting the way forward. Behind her, the Capitol Building is engraved.

The obverse features the states' stars. Editions from 1907 to 1911 include 46 stars. Coins minted between 1912 and 1933 included two additional stars.

The reverse of the Saint Gaudens Gold contains a majestic flying eagle with the rays of the sun shining behind him, the ultimate symbol of freedom in the United States.

Types of St. Gaudens Gold Coins

There are a few different types of Saint Gaudens Double Eagles. We want you to be aware of each of these so you can pursue the coinage that will bring you the highest return on investment.

Only 24 pieces were struck with the ultra-high relief design. The 1907 version of this high-relief coin is the rarest and most expensive of the Saint Gaudens gold coin. In circulated shape, this coin is valued between $4,500 and $16,000, depending on its condition. Uncirculated 1907 Saint Gaudens gold coins are valued as high as $750,000.

In the beginning, President Roosevelt did not feel God and money mixed, so he decided the motto “In God We Trust” would not be placed on the Saint Gaudens design. He eventually lost the battle and the motto later returned.

No motto Saint Gaudens gold is worth up to $135,000 in pristine condition. These 1907 pieces can be valued at less if they are in a circulated state.

In 1908, congress overrode President Roosevelt and ruled “In God We Trust” would return to the Double Eagles. Although he was a Christian, many viewed the President as an atheist.

The production of Saint Gaudens continued in 1908 with the now-included motto. These are worth $2,915 in circulated average condition and can be valued up to $3,588 or more in uncirculated pristine condition.

During the height of the Great Depression in 1933, the President outlawed the private ownership of gold. Some were still struck during this period. As you can guess, the 1933 St. Gaudens gold coin value is astronomical and is one of the best gold coins to invest in.

There were some Saint Gaudens $20 gold coins that were struck to remain presentation pieces with high purity content. The value of coins in this shape is very high compared to other coinage from the mint.

Specifications of the Officially Released St. Gaudens Coin

So, how much gold in a St. Gaudens coin? The St. Gaudens gold coin weight is 33.431 grams. The mint gold content of the Saint-Gaudens gold bullion is .96750 troy ounces.

The coin is 90% gold and 10% copper. Since 2009, these are 99.99% gold and are sold to many collectors.

If you are looking for Saint Gaudens gold coins for sale, you must be careful in your search. A 1907 St. Gaudens gold coin is going to cost you, so do not get scammed. Remember that the Saint Gaudens gold coin value varies.

We have now answered your question about how much gold is in a $20 Saint Gaudens. Before you buy one, you must ensure you are purchasing from a reputable dealer.

Where to Buy St. Gaudens Gold Coins for Sale

Many coins are sold by scammers, and these coins are often fakes. When buying one of these coins, look at both the obverse and reverse to ensure all the details are present.

Ensure the metal content is where it should be and realize you are going to pay much more than the face value of the coin. You should also look for the mint mark on all coins, including the St. Gaudens mini gold coins. Being careful will help you avoid getting scammed with 20 Saint Gaudens, featuring the beautiful Miss Liberty.

FAQ About MS65 Saint-Gaudens Gold Coins

Double Eagles are worth various amounts, depending on the year of mintage and design. For instance, the 1924 St Gaudens 20 gold coin value is around $2,025 in circulated condition and up to $900,000 in pristine.

When searching for the St. Gaudens gold coin mint mark, you will want to know how much the coin is worth. Coinage varies in value. A new one is around $1,927 or more.

Although you can legally own most 20 Saint Gaudens, 1933 minted 20 Saint Gaudens are still considered illegal to own because the President outlawed gold production during this year.

Final Thoughts

The $20 Double Eagle is a gold coinage collector's dream, making this coin one of the most popular in collections across the world. We encourage you to be careful when purchasing these coins, so you do not get scammed. Add them to your collection today.

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